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jay.12“Our children love Coach Kickken at Dauphin Way Baptist Child Development Center. He has an enthusiastic personality and a great rapport with the students. Coach Kickken is very confident and knowledgeable about what he does and is always prepared and organized to carry out the class activities. He is an asset to our program!”
Sue Davison, Child Development Center Director
Dauphin Way Baptist Church – Mobile, Alabama

“We have enjoyed having Coach Kickken coach our children soccer now for the third season. His ability to guide children in skills doesn’t end there, he teaches communication, cooperation and team spirit. Both boys and girls learn life skills as they practice with Coach Kickken.”
Linda Fos, Director
Jubilee Early Child Development Center – Mobile, Alabama

“We have enjoyed Coach Kickken’s soccer program at St. Paul’s Early Education Center. As an afternoon enrichment class, soccer has given the children an additional opportunity to enjoy gross motor play while also working on learning a new game, following instructions and working as a team. Coach Kickken has been a reliable and creative addition to our afternoons for the past three school years.”
Erin Burns Schwants, Director
The Early Education Center, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church – Mobile, Alabama

jay.13“Coach Kickken is “kicking” with talent, patience, and fun! The children LOVE him. He visits our center weekly. The children know when it is Coach Kickken day. They look forward to it and learn a lot. He teaches balance, listening skills, following directions and getting active and staying healthy!”
Susan Guillotte, Director
St. Mark Early Learning Center – Mobile, Alabama

“We love Coach Kickken and his program. The children are so excited for Friday because it’s “soccer” day. I am not only appreciative for Coach and his staff as the Director, but also as a parent. My 3 yr old is in the program and has learned so much and she’s having a great time too!”
Barri Perez, Director and Mother
Woodridge Learning Center – Mobile, Alabama

“Jack Kickken has been a PE/soccer coach to my children at school. He has a love of athletics and also has a great insight on the children. He focuses on teamwork and personal strengths as well as integrity on and off the field. He has taught my children sportsmanship, respect, and the importance of good character.

 My son Jamie had always wanted to play soccer, but was apprehensive because he had never played before. Jack welcomed him on the team and taught him not only the strong fundamentals of soccer, but a true sense of teamwork. The players were coached to improve on their own personal levels as well as the most important issue: playing as a team. He has an excellent knowledge of the game, teaching the children the technique, skills, and appreciation of the sport. Coach Kickken has given my son a love for soccer that will last a lifetime. I am so excited he is giving children the opportunity to learn and appreciate the sport at these early ages. He will be an amazing asset to the game of soccer in the Mobile area.”
Shawn Busby

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